Why Transistor?

Work at Transistor

What’s special about working at Transistor?

…the best way to take care of your customers is to take care of your workers.
Paul Orfalea

If you’ve worked for a marketing agency in the past, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with some variation of the “work hard, play hard” slogan. Usually this more accurately translates to “work hard, drink hard.”

Agency life can be tough. You’re selling a finite resource(time). If you want to grow, the two most obvious options are to charge more for your time (which works to a point) or just sell more time than you have. Too often it’s the latter. And the 40 hour workweek turns into 55 hours on a good week. A lot of good people burn out.

We’ve been there in our past lives. Not too interested in going back.

Our Philosophy for Workload

Taking great care of clients is the most important thing we can do. It’s why we exist. It’s why any agency exists. To make sure we do that, our people need to have the time and energy to do great work.

We plan around our front-line people being 80% billable. That’s 32 hours of client work per week. Leaving 8 hours for internal meetings, training, life. All client work is billable. Meetings, planning, reporting, etc. Are there weeks where deadlines pile up or some big launch is happening and extra hours are needed? Sure. But that’s not the norm. It shouldn’t be.

“Work/Life Balance”

An awful concept. Instead we aim to try and limit the amount of times work gets in the way of life. Here’s some ways we do that.

  • Flexible schedule. Client meetings are the only real thing anchoring people to a schedule of any sort. But if you need to work at night because you need to take care of kids during the day, most days that’s totally fine.
  • Unlimited sick time. Need to go to the doctor or dentist? Go. Get paid while you do. Got the sniffles? Stay home. Feeling too crummy to work? Get healthy.
  • Vacation time. No waiting for days to accrue, you can take paid time off right away.
  • Paid medical leave. Surgery? Having a kid? Taking care of a sick loved one? These things happen. We offer four weeks of paid time off in addition to the ability to switch to part-time while working back from whatever took you away.

Other Benefits – Big and Small

All employees are eligible for the following benefits and perks:

  • 401(k) with 4% company match
  • Health insurance
  • Annual cost of living wage increases
  • Really good coffee (from Ruby Coffee Roasters in northern Wisconsin)
  • Flexible workspace options in our downtown Milwaukee office
  • Paid garage parking
  • Direct deposit (apparently this is considered a benefit?)
  • Casual workplace

Open Positions

Our Hiring Process

Initial Screening

Day 1

We’ll weed out applicants lacking multiple key requirements (e.g. you live outside the country, have zero years of work experience, etc.)

Video Interview

Days 2-3

A 15-20 minute talk via Google Meet to get to know each other better, let you tell us about yourself, let us answer some questions, see if we’re both interested in continuing onward.


Days 3-4

We will connect with you, potentially verify some details and then send you a short self-assessment (5-10 questions, largely multiple choice, should take you 15 minutes) to help validate your knowledge.

Final Interview

Days 5-8

An in-person interview at our office to get more into how you and Transistor would fit together, get into the depths of what it’s like working here, nailing down that final decision.

Hire & Onboard

Days 8-20

Paperwork will happen, you’ll give notice at your current job should you have one, you’ll start here and go through a week of onboarding followed by a mix of training and work.