Meet the Team

We’re a small but growing group. Want to know us a little? You’ve come to the right place.

Jay Ratkowski – President

Experience: I started working in digital marketing in 2008 and have been building/growing websites since around 1996. The vast majority of my experience is in search (paid & organic), display and web analytics. I’ve dabbled in TV, radio, print and other primarily offline channels that people like to proclaim to be “dead”, using that experience as a reference point for building online strategies.

What I do for Transistor: My current job description includes…

  • Managing client accounts (the relationship part and the “making things happen” part, too)
  • Paying bills
  • Buying orange furniture for the office
  • Stressing over what’s next for our employees, clients, search marketing as a whole.

Non-Work Stuff About Me: I’ve got a wife and a young daughter who mostly keep me out of trouble. My collection of guitars is hugely disproportionate to the amount of money I make playing them (which is right around $0/decade). I’m an obsessive NBA (Fear the Deer!) fan and follow virtually no other sports. High-siding a Hayabusa was only the 3rd or 4th dumbest way I’ve hurt myself over the years.

Lindsie Nelson – Vice President of Client Strategy

Experience: My career started as an unpaid intern for a business improvement district in Milwaukee. From there I worked for one of the best public relations firms in the city, which led me to an engineering firm doing corporate marketing, digital strategy and public relations. After a few years of developing my general marketing chops, I wanted to specialize more in digital marketing and even more specifically organic search. I joined a fantastic SEO team (where I met Jay) and honed my skills day-in and day-out. Here I am years later, working with businesses every day to improve their bottom line with SEO. My experience in public relations and corporate strategy, bundled with SEO expertise allows me to connect with my clients and understand their needs and how organic search can help achieve their goals.

What I do for Transistor: What don’t I do?! I guess I don’t buy as much orange furniture as Jay but I still play an important part here at Transistor. My top job duties include:

  • Build Client Relationships
  • Develop SEO Strategy
  • Implement Strategy
  • Watch Businesses Grow

Non-Work Stuff About Me: I have a lovely husband and two beautiful little girls. When I’m not at work, I’m consumed with princess dress up, arts & crafts, dance parties and lego building. We are also incredibly close to our family and love to spend our weekends visiting and going on adventures with the girl’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!

Chelsea Scaffidi – Search Marketing Analyst

Experience: While I was attending school at UW-Milwaukee for Strategic Communications, I thought I had a passion for Sports Marketing. I was an intern for the UWM Athletics Department and the Milwaukee Bucks. After realizing that I much rather enjoyed going to games than working at them, I joined the corporate side of marketing. I worked with a telecommunications consulting firm for 3 years and a communication technology reseller for 2 years. There I worked with all aspects of marketing: digital, events, campaigns, and sales support. After realizing that the digital side of things was my true passion I did contract work with Jay and Lindsie for a few months, dealing with both SEO an PPC before joining their full-time team.

What I do for Transistor: I work with both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) clients to help with the important day-to-day tasks.

Non-Work Stuff About Me: When possible (and sometimes needed) I like to travel to up-north Wisconsin to go camping with my family, husband, or friends. I am obsessed with my two dogs, Bella and Clover and could snuggle all day with them. I am also into trying new and exciting bars and/or resturants.

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