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Mar 4, 2022News & Whatnot

Where would we be without our awesome team of super cool search marketers? Probably making radio ads for lawyers who specialize in separating with your abusive iguana or something equally sad. We’d be sunk for sure. That’s true every day, but today is Employee Appreciation Day, so we’re going out of our way to brag about the amazing people we get to work with. 

Chelsea Scaffidi

Chelsea is a Transistor OG! Our first hire. As a Senior SEM Analyst, Chelsea leads clients as the account manager and strategist. She’s also in charge of Transistor’s social media, which wouldn’t exist without her.

Chelsea is a shining light in the office. If you need a smile or a funny story, she is the one to go to! – Lindsie

Chelsea is my go-to when there’s an idea that hasn’t been flushed out yet. She’s incredibly open-minded and always willing to lend her creativity to talk through a problem. -Jay

Ali Rueter

Ali is an SEM Analyst here and helps with a number of our SEO clients and is working her way into being a force to be reckoned with at technical SEO. Ali also helps out with building a lot of our internal resources like reports and templates.

Ali always wants to learn more. Any time something comes up that she’s unfamiliar with, Ali takes it as a personal challenge to get to the answer. -Jay

Ali is someone I can always rely on. She is smart, thorough and always willing to help solve any problem. She has been a lifesaver on our team! – Lindsie

Kate Williams

Kate is our first colleague focused entirely on PPC. As a Paid Media Specialist, Kate works on most of our PPC accounts and leads many of those clients. She’s also used her past experience to help us build out our sales process through building prospect lists and fixing our process.

Kate has been such an exciting addition to our team. She has shown incredible fortitude to learn new things and take on big challenges. I can’t wait to see her grow! – Lindsie

Kate is so eager to keep improving. She’ll always be happy to jump into a new project because she knows it’s going to be an opportunity to learn something new or get better at a skill. -Jay

Lucas Lyons

We’ve been fortunate to have Lucas as our SEM Intern for two semesters. This has given us the chance to have Lucas help out on a lot of projects, given the greater extent of things he’s had time to learn. Lucas helps with client work as well as making all of our processes better (including teaching us to make better coffee!).

Lucas has a big sense of wonder. He cares about getting things right and takes the time to understand how and why things work. -Jay

Lucas has a spirit that lifts a team. He is warm and fun and always ready to try something new. We have been so lucky to have him on our team! – Lindsie

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