Alison Kresken Promoted to Senior SEO Analyst

Jun 20, 2023News & Whatnot

Transistor Digital Marketing, a leading search marketing agency, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Alison Kresken to the position of Senior SEO Analyst. Ali, who joined Transistor two years ago, has excelled in her previous role as Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) Analyst and demonstrated an incredible grasp of technical SEO. Her new role will allow her to build on these strengths and further explore what is possible in the world of SEO. In her new role as Senior SEO Analyst, Alison will be responsible for spearheading Technical SEO initiatives across our client portfolio, collaborating with other team members to deliver robust and data-driven optimization strategies.

“Ali has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of SEO principles and an unwavering commitment to achieving optimal results for our clients. Her exceptional ability to navigate the intricacies of technical SEO has proven invaluable in driving organic growth and enhancing our clients’ online visibility. With a comprehensive understanding of website structure and coding languages, she has successfully initiated cutting-edge technical strategies that we can use client-wide,“ said Transistor’s Vice President, Lindsie Nelson, who expressed enthusiasm about Alison’s promotion. “Ali has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and ability to take on any challenge. Her promotion to Senior SEO Analyst is a testament to her hard work, expertise, and dedication. We are confident that Ali will continue to drive our company’s success and elevate our clients’ digital presence.

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