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How’d You Get Started in Search?

Search is one of those career disciplines where there’s no real direct path to getting started. It’s like owning a business or being a rock star (I mean, it’s exactly like being a rock star, obviously). There’s no (at the moment) single degree you can get. There’s no...

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#FreeAdvice: Quick Wins in SEO?

Fad diets, same day shipping and DVR have all fed into society’s obsession with instant gratification, quick fixes and immediate results. Search engine optimization is definitely not immune to that mindset, but the reality is consistent growth is the way to go. However, there is one thing you can do in the meantime to improve traffic, tackle quick win keywords.

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#FreeAdvice: How to Optimize for a Featured Snippet?

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is always evolving. We’ve seen the introduction of advertisements, local results, the knowledge graph, and the coveted featured snippet. The featured snippet (also called a quick answer or answer box) is in position 0 above all other organic results. Not only is the featured snippet first on the page but it also takes up a lot of prime real estate in the SERP, pushing down all the competitors.

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#FreeAdvice November 2019: Entities for SEO

The thing about entities is they’ve been around forever. We just haven’t always done a good job associating them with search, or at least not using that name. The word came into the SEO sphere back in 2013 when the Hummingbird update brought knowledge panels and structured data into our world. But it’s kinda just been a thing in the background.

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#FreeAdvice June 2019: Google Analytics Engagement Metrics

Google Analytics has many important metrics and information but it’s hard to know what each of the metrics mean and what these metrics should be for each site. Engagement metrics help SEOs and site owners understand how a user is engaging with a site. Are they visiting one page and leaving? Are they spending enough time reading the blogs? How many pages does a user view on average? Below are brief explanations of three of the most common engagement metrics.

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