Google Ads – Search Ad Best Practices

Jun 8, 2023PPC

Google Ads has evolved the format of their core ad product, search ads, over the years. But the idea behind them remains constant. When people are searching for things related to your business, you want to get in front of those searches with a relevant and attention-grabbing block of text that will get the searcher to your site.

The guide below outlines best practices for search ads and will help you write more effective ad copy.

Goals of Search Ads

  • Quickly assure the searcher that we have the solution to their search.
  • Reflect the keywords/search terms in our ad group
  • Drive action by the searcher

Search Ads should appeal to wants & needs

People want control, independence, time savings, cost savings and reassurance they’re making the right choice.

They need clear solutions to their problems

Search Ads should use features & benefits

Features are facts about the product/service. E.g. “free shipping”

Benefits explain what the customer has to gain. E.g. “easy returns”

Ads must follow the rules

In addition to character limits, your ad must accurately reflect the business. Don’t make promises the website can’t deliver. Also avoid poor writing habits like EXCESS CAPITALIZATION or over-use of exclamations!!!!

Test your ad copy to improve results

For new ads, don’t assume you’ll get the messaging right on the first try. Test headlines and descriptions with a lot of variation in wording. As you get more data, you can focus tests on an individual word or sentence.

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