July 15, 2020

How Does SEO Interact With Other Marketing Channels?

Digital marketing is more important than ever now that everyone is staying at home. Learn how SEO can be incorporated into other marketing channels and boost your business!

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With the recent stay-at-home orders, working online becoming the norm and the closings of brick and mortar stores, digital marketing strategies have become more important than ever. Search marketing is a huge part of that digital marketing strategy. However, when people think of SEO, organic traffic is usually top of mind. The reality is that it is just one piece of the pie. There are many different digital marketing channels that need SEO love and attention. Here are a few ways to integrate SEO into your different digital marketing channels.

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Note: These tips will not necessarily help rankings, but it doesn't mean it wont help your ranking factors. These steps will contribute to other aspects of  SEO to improve the health of your site. 

  1. Referral

Referral traffic comes from your link building strategy. Backlinks are links found on other sites that point to your website. These backlinks are important because they show Google that you are credible. It is important to make sure that the domains that these backlinks are coming from are high-quality otherwise it defeats the purpose. So, how can you build these backlinks?

  • Reach out to your community or industry and see how you can become involved. Can you give expert advice in a trade magazine, are there organizations that you can become involved with?
  • Share information from influencers, organizations or experts in your industry to create the opportunity for them to share their own content. 
  1. Paid Search

Paid search gives you tons of data that can help you determine what are the best search terms to carry over into your organic search. By seeing which words cost more, you can see that they are more competitive and may be harder to rank for. Are terms you thought related to your business not getting any clicks? Try seeing what people are actually searching for. 

  1. Social Media

Content is king! By sharing relevant information through blog posts, expert advice and industry news you are contributing to the conversation. This also can create some great backlinks as described above when linking to blog posts on your site. Social media also helps build an audience. They may see a social media post about your brand and a few days later think, hmmm where did I see that and do a quick Google search. These brand name searches like “nike shoes” can help boost your rankings for keywords you would like to target like “shoes”. 

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the holy grail when it comes to SEO. The more you give search engines to crawl, the more they can use to give users the results they are looking for. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that content marketing will boost your SEO mix. 

  • Keywords - This is probably the most obvious. By using relevant keywords in your content you are more likely to show up and rank higher in search results.
  • Relevant Content - The quality of your content will only show search engines that you are relevant, influential and are giving people what they want in a creative and well liked format.
  • Not Just On-Page - When we are talking about content we are not just talking about what is on the page. The meta data, how people find this data, and making sure that robots can crawl the content is also important. 
  • Links, Links, Links - Referring to the first medium, referral, more content provides an opportunity to link to sites with high-domain authority and other pages throughout your site

The moral of this story? Don’t put all your SEO eggs in one basket. Rankings are just one aspect of a healthy and optimized site. By incorporating search engine optimizations across all marketing channels, your marketing strategy will become cohesive, integrated and powerful.

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