How to Improve the Performance of Your Landing Pages

Jun 28, 2021#FreeAdvice, SEO

Landing pages are a fundamental part of your website, and if used properly can be a powerful tool for your business. Many users underestimate the power of a good and effective landing page. In the SEO world, landing page optimization is one of the best ways to attract more visitors to your site. More visitors coming to your site means more visitors are potentially interacting and making purchases from your site. There are many ways we can optimize a landing page in order to improve the performance, let’s talk about it. 

What is Landing Page Optimization? 

In order to make your landing page more attractive to visitors and Google, we need to optimize the page. This means that we must improve different elements on the page in order to increase conversions. There is not an exact science to optimizing a landing page. Every site and every business has different goals, and the landing page must accurately reflect those goals in order to attract the user and the search engines. 

Ways to Improve a Landing Page 

Here are some simple ways you can optimize your site to improve your site’s conversion rates and landing page performance. 

Simple Landing Page

Less is sometimes more. Creating a simple landing page allows your site’s visitors to focus on what’s important on the site. Users and search engines can get confused if there is too much clutter on the landing page. 

Straightforward Call to Action 

On your landing page, a call to action must be displayed. This could be asking the user to join an email list, download a program, or buy a product. Whatever you are asking your users to do, keep it simple and concise. You do not want your users to get confused and leave the site completely. 

Attention-Grabbing Title Tag 

After completing your keyword research, you should have an idea of what keywords you are trying to rank for. Be sure to write a title tag that grabs the attention of your users, and that also appeals to search engines. 

Important tip: Keep your title tag under 70 characters. 

Copy Content 

Even though you should keep the content of your site concise and clear, you should also not be afraid to create content that is relevant to your site. The content on your site is what will help your page appeal to search engines. So do not be afraid to write effective and relevant copy. 

Bonus Tip: Check out what your competitors are doing with some competitive research. Are you covering all the main topics?


Your landing page is a reflection of your brand, and it is important to follow this pattern on all pages of your website. By keeping a consistent color scheme, font, and theme your user will not be confused while navigating your site. 


If you feel like you created a great website, but people just aren’t interacting with it like you hoped, let us know. Along with building a solid SEO foundation, we love improving sites so that users can better interact with your great content. Let’s get users engaged



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