Transistor Digital Marketing’s Jay Ratkowski Named to UW-Parkside Customer Experience Advisory Committee

Sep 2, 2021News & Whatnot

Jay Ratkowski, President – Head of Paid Media at Transistor Digital Marketing was recently named to the Customer Experience Advisory Committee at University of Wisconsin – Parkside. 

Ratkowski was selected for the UW-Parkside advisory committee based on his professional experience in digital marketing that spans all aspects of the customer experience journey. In addition, his accomplishments  and leadership qualities demonstrated through years of experience providing paid search and organic search consulting services to a wide-range of websites provides key insights to the committee. The advisory committee will be responsible for overseeing the school’s Customer Experience Certificate Program – providing constructive feedback, strategic direction, quality improvement and program efficacy. 

“I’m super excited about the opportunity to help shape the curriculum of this program and further the field of customer experience innovation.”

Jay Ratkowski

Ratkowski founded Transistor in 2015. Prior, he managed search marketing teams at other agencies and also served in digital marketing leadership roles in a corporate environment. He has an MBA from Lakeland University and an extensive guitar collection.




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