June 1, 2016

Thanks SEMrush! (New Ranking Distribution Report)

Hooray for things getting fixed
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I don’t make a huge deal about rankings. Still, they are a semi-tangible thing that clients get and an interesting piece of the performance puzzle, so I still keep track of them. One of the ways I track them is in the Project feature of SEMrush. However, a few things bugged me about the reporting options.

You could track up to 10 competitors, but their reporting interface only displayed up to 4 at a time (or 5 if you don’t have your own domain in the list).

Also, you get these weekly emails that show your week over week change compared to ALL competitors – with fun stats like # of keywords in the top 3 (plus % change compared to previous week). But there was no way to get these reports on demand or with a custom date range.

So I emailed them and asked to get those two items fixed. Somewhat surprisingly, they wrote back. And then they fixed it! (here’s their blog post about it)

So now you get a report that shows you vs ALL competitors for the date range you select. With details on what moved. So, thanks to SEMrush for the handy feature. This is one of those things that helps me give more interesting/intuitive reports to clients and helps let them know one aspect of how they stack up in organic search. That makes my life a bit easier, so I’m pumped they were willing to help.

Couple screenshots of what they added:


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