September 13, 2018

Today is a BIG Day

That journey officially starts today. I’m super excited that Lindsie will be a crucial part of it.
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Almost four years ago to the day, I was running the SEO team at what’s now Perficient Digital. We were both growing and dealing with existing staff shortage. That’s when I hired a young gal named Lindsie Nelson to be an SEO specialist. She had a little ways to go in terms of pure SEO knowledge, but was sharp and driven and had a good amount of general marketing experience. Pretty quickly she not only filled those knowledge gaps, but was taking on some of our most, to put it mildly, challenging of clients. And she was on track to becoming a senior level specialist in little time.

But a lot changed between acquisition and restructuring and all that. I left and went out on my own. I swore I’d be nothing but a hired gun, doing freelance work to get by while trying to find time to pursue other interests. That lasted all of about 8 weeks. Work flooded in. By a stroke of luck, Lindsie was looking to be a mostly stay-at-home mom and trying to figure out how to not sideline her career. We partnered on a sub-contract basis and have been rolling along with that for about the last 3 years.

Say hi to Lindsie

Again, everything changed. Mike Tyson is excessively quoted as saying “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” This is marketing, nobody is punching anybody, but the quote definitely applies. As the years went on I softened on my “hired gun” mantra. I want to spend more of my time training people and talking with clients and getting involved in the community in one way or another and less time prepping for 2AM launches. And I’ve gotten attached to this little company. I want to see it grow up.

You may have caught on by now, but that’s where Lindsie comes in. To finally cut to the chase, Lindsie is officially joining Transistor as our second employee (technically I’m the first) and our first Vice President. She’ll be taking on the role of VP of Client Strategy.

What does that mean? It depends on who you are. If you’re a client working with Lindsie it just means a change in email address and that sort of thing. But for everyone, it means more resources. We’ll be able to formally team up and tap into Transistor’s array of people and tools to help make things easier and/or better.

On our end, ditto, but it officially signals a new level of maturity here. Yes, we’re an absurdly small company, but this is not a vanity title. I’d trust Lindsie to run things if I fell into a well. I’m expecting she’s going to contribute a ton and really help this thing grow and evolve. Not just into another name in a sea of agencies, but to help expand our goals of making comfortable lives for ourselves while actually feeling good about the work we’re doing for clients. Sappy, sure. But I like everyone I work with and despite being a bit of a marketing nihilist at times, I do feel like I’m making a positive impact. It’s hard to do that with any degree of scale. You need other people who are in it for the same reasons. You need people who understand that even though we’re not saving lives, marketing doesn’t have to be about shameless exploitation. You need to team up with folks who believe that everyone can benefit from a contract and are willing to make sacrifices to ensure that happens. That can be a bumpy or confusing road, but it’s a journey well worth taking.

That journey officially starts today. I’m super excited that Lindsie will be a crucial part of it.

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