December 22, 2020

We moved! again!

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Once upon a time, we talked up the idea that not having a fancy office helped us keep prices lower. That was true when we had 6 clients. It made a big difference. Now? Less of a deal. So now we got a giant re-purposed warehouse space with a basketball court and roller rink and we’re paying for it by doubling everyone’s rates! Kidding…

The short history for those who are interested, is we got our first office in February 2019. It was a basement/garden office in the suburbs. Dated and small but it was ours! We quickly outgrew it and were planning on adding to our team beyond what we had space for. So we started looking. And then COVID. Oh well. We moved to a small office within a coworking space in June 2020. We were pretty sure it was temporary, just didn’t know how much so. But between all of us working from home most days and just everything going on in the world, it was a good move for the moment.

But now we’re trying to get back to where we were hoping to take things end of 2019. That means adding to our team and having a space that is appealing to new recruits. And it means having a space where people can safely spread out should anyone want to work in the office. I definitely need to leave the house more often for my sanity. 

So here we are! It’s a couple floors above our little temporary office. Easy move! We have some furnishing and whatnot to do, but it’s already looking nicer than anything I imagined having for this company. Here’s to having a space we shouldn’t outgrow for at least 5 or 6 years! 😀


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