Who Needs SEO?

Jul 2, 2019SEO

What businesses need SEO? Why do companies come to Transistor for SEO?

When talking to potential clients we often get asked about who we work with and what situations we commonly see. Although there are many reasons why a company would need SEO we most commonly see these four situations:

  1. Bad Site Launch
  2. Dramatic Loss in Traffic and/or Revenue
  3. New Products or Markets
  4. Business Growth and Marketing Initiatives

Each of the situations described below have a unique search-focused solution to address the business’s need. With every client we start with an understanding of why they are looking for SEO, what their past SEO efforts look like and what their future business goals are related to the website and in general. After that information is gathered, we work to build out a plan to address the most pressing concerns first followed with a long-term growth strategy.

1) Bad Site Launch

We have worked with so many companies over the years that invested a lot of money and time into building a new site and then traffic drops and then revenue plummets and everyone is in crisis mode. We get a call from upper management that is looking for someone to help them turn it all around. The good news is that we have done this a lot, the bad news is that a site doesn’t always recover. We will look at all the majors concerns like incorrect 301 redirects, deleted pages and anything else that can cause search engines to deindex or drop ranks for a site and develop a plan to fix these problems as soon as possible. We understand that time is critical here and all hands must be on deck to get changes implemented.

It’s so important to include an SEO into the site build process. There are insights and support an SEO can provide to avoid these drops in traffic and revenue to ensure there isn’t crisis mode post-launch.

Bad Site Launch- SEO Impacts - Transistor
This site launched without the support of an SEO expert. The drop in organic traffic and revenue was immediate after site launch and lingered for a significant time after launch.

2) Loss in Traffic and/or Revenue

Many times this is related to a site launch but we also have customers that are in highly competitive markets and are failing to keep up with others in the industry. These clients are looking for marketing support and ideas to get them in a more competitive place in the search results. With these clients we spend a lot of time on competitive analysis, which typically turns into recommendations for content edits, new pages and overall keyword strategy updates. Every market is different; however, we have the experience and access to powerful tools that give us insight into what the competition is doing and what we can do to help a business keep up.

3) New Products or Markets

Businesses that are looking to greatly expand their product offerings or markets commonly look for marketing resources to help accelerate that growth. An SEO can help do competitive research and support the positioning of the entire site as well as build out the new sections to make them most attractive to search engines and end-users. The great thing about this situation is that the work is proactive, which allows for more time to build a long-term strategy and see long-term growth.

New Product Launch - Benefits of SEO - Transistor
This client enlisted Transistor prior to the launch of its new site and products. With continued SEO efforts and planning, the company has grown substantially during each selling season.

4) Business Growth and Marketing Initiatives

A potential client will come to us because their business is investing in new technologies and marketing initiatives to help grow their business. Sometimes this is ignited by a new manager or executive and sometimes this is brought on by the staff seeing the potential to grow without knowing what to do next. We will work with these clients to determine the digital competitive market and long-term strategy to help grow the business online.

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