October 26, 2016

Yo, Try Common Sense With Your #ContentMarketing

Presentation and medium are dictated by topic.
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Quick rant here… Seemingly every day, I see an article like this get a ton of circle-jerk action from the SEO community. They went through a lot of trouble gathering unscientific data, put together some graphics and all that. Good job. But that effort was to do something I used to explain to interns in like 30 seconds of conversation. Presentation and medium are dictated by topic.

This isn’t an SEO thing. This isn’t a content marketing thing. Although it will indeed have correlation to the performance of your content, it’s just because of common sense. It’s glossing over the point by trying to assess topic categories like travel or drug use, as the specific query or topic is really what matters. To go with the simple explanation given to interns, if you want to know how to tie a necktie, are you going to watch a video or look at a diagram? Or are you going to read a 20,000 word essay? If you want to know if people are happy with their new iPhone, are you going to watch a demo video or check out a review site or forum? You can extrapolate that super basic concept to cover whatever your topic might be.

The lesson is not that you need to craft your wonderful content in a very precise manner because some dope on the internet ran some sort of “test” and told you so. It’s that certain messages naturally get received better based on the way they’re delivered. Think about that and apply it to your topic. And then go ahead and make a slideshow list post anyway.

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