Case Study

Lease Software Company



Industry: B2B Software 
Company Size: $10m+ annual revenue
Date: 2020-Present
Client provides lease accounting software and solutions to businesses in finance, manufacturing, real estate, large machinery and more. 


This client had two major objectives for this B2B SasS company’s search engine optimization strategy; 1) outrank the top three major competitors in the market as often as possible and 2)improve conversions leading directly to revenue. The site had growing organic traffic but progress was lacking and conversions were poor. Major issues included a complex market, internal cannibalization and poor content. 

Complicated Market 

The first step in effectively achieving this client’s goals was understanding their market, their terminology and the user process. Lease accounting compliance is complicated. We needed to not only understand which compliance aspects were important but why a user would need the client’s software to solve the intricacies of compliance measures. This was not going to be a cookie cutter approach that could be used on any site, because the target market needed very specific information to complete a purchase. 

We did extensive research on the competitors as well as on the compliance measure. We then took that research and potential keywords targets and met with the client to ensure we were properly understanding the information and how that impacted their business. With that understanding in hand, we built solutions page content to target the terms that their prospects were searching such as “asc 842 software”, “ifrs 16 compliance” and more. Once the solutions pages were healthy and progressing we moved to long-form content to provide the detailed advice and information users needed about the nuances of the compliance measures and how the client’s software solved those issues. 


Solving the Cannibalization  

When we started with the client there were dozens of pages internally competing for the same keywords. We could distinctly see search engines bouncing ranks all over the site and landing in the wrong place. 

To fix this issue we implemented a phased process to better target content and remove anything extraneous. The process started by looking at old blogs and pages that were stealing visibility from primary pages and we simply redirected those to the proper content. After that we evaluated the remaining pages and did a combination effort of canonicalization and content targeting to get a better breadth of keyword ranks and clear up bot confusion. Once these phases were implemented, we immediately saw improvements in ranks for our top terms.  


Delivering Conversions

This client was in need of GOOD traffic to their site. Traffic that would convert and turn into revenue. Choosing highly relevant keywords and topic clusters allowed us to get in front of the right market. We easily could’ve created pillar pages or blogs to target higher volume terms related to the field but that was not going to achieve the goal of more revenue as soon as possible. 

With our strategy of understanding their market before optimizing the site, the client saw a lift of more that 100% in organic goal completions year-over-year. 


The Results


Increase in Traffic


Increase In Leads


Increase in market Visibility

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