Enterprise PPC

Add a Team of Experts in a Flash

For larger advertisers, managing paid media efforts internally is a challenge. Hiring and training an expert in the field is extremely difficult. And what if you need more than one person? This is where experienced agencies can make life so much easier. We offer the ability to scale your digital advertising efforts without worrying about staffing.

Who is this for?

Our services are aimed at businesses investing heavily across multiple advertising channels – where you would typically have one to two full-time, experienced employees overseeing accounts.

Typically this includes advertisers spending anywhere from $20k-250k/mo.

These businesses are running search, shopping and display campaigns across multiple networks.

We have deep experience with B2C+B2B e-commerce, lead generation and awareness building initiatives.

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    Account Setup

    All accounts go through an extensive setup process. If you already have an account, we’ll treat this as an audit to make sure everything is working properly. Our setup process includes:

    • Google Tag Manager Installation & Setup
    • Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup (up to 3 conversions)
    • Google Ads Call Tracking Setup (in ad & on site)
    • Setup Automated Reporting Dashboard w/ Client Access
    • Keyword Research
    • Campaign Build – Everything From Settings to Extensions

      Setup takes place over the first month of management. We can expedite for a one-time fee.

      Account Management

      Every account goes through an onboarding process to get to know your business, help set priorities and ensure everything is running smoothly. From there, you’ll work with an account lead dedicated to the success of your business. The account lead manages the internal team but is also a subject matter expert and able to work with you on the intimate details of your campaign strategy.

      Your account will be managed by our employees in Milwaukee, WI.

      Account Ownership

      You own all advertising accounts. We will set them up / take over management, but they are yours to keep.

      Media Costs

      All media costs are your responsibility. They will be billed directly by the ad network to your credit card or bank account.

      Advertising Channels

      We offer management on the following networks:

      • Google Ads
      • Microsoft Advertising
      • Facebook Advertising
      • LinkedIn Advertising
      • Amazon Sponsored Ads

      Want to learn how Transistor can help?

      Talk to Jay.

      Jay Ratkowski | Founder
      President – Head of Paid Media