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Our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simple – make more money for our clients by improving their digital presence. The goal of digital marketing is never to get worthless visits to a site, rather to connect buyers with the products or services they wish to buy. There is no uniform best practice or go-to plan for every client; search engine optimization is always changing and always evolving. We build strategic SEO plans that include site optimization to help our clients achieve their goals. At Transistor, we strive to be a strategic partner that understands your business’s needs and goals and molds an internet marketing-focused SEO strategy to help achieve those goals. Strategic search optimization can include resource building, keyword retargeting, technical audits, content creation and more.

The following sections detail some of our most common SEO and internet marketing services but we always encourage interested clients to give us a call so we can learn more about what you need from an SEO partner. Every client is unique and has a different reason for needing SEO services. Every strategy is equally as unique, so give us a ring or shoot us an email to talk more about how our expert SEO team could help elevate your business.

SEO Audits

Our search audits are a deep dive into the technical, on-page, structural, content, and external problems that exist on a site. They are the starting point to the process of developing a digital marketing strategy. Every audit includes detailed explanations of the issues found and actionable solutions. Unlike some people in the field, you won’t get an automated report spit out by a 3rd party tool or copy/pastes of Google Search Console warnings. We aren’t a digital agency that’s going to dump a ton of SEO jargon on your lap either, we strive to make everything understandable.

Completion and review of an audit is a great way to decide if you need help on an ongoing basis or just some short-term advisory work.

Short-Term Search Projects

Short-term SEO work can fit into many categories. Some of the project-based work includes:

  • Migrations to new platforms
  • Launches of first-time websites
  • Consulting other major technical changes
  • Copywriting projects
  • Consolidation of domains
  • Local search review/setup
  • Helping with Google penalties (algorithmic or manual)
  • International search technical guidance
  • Consultation through hierarchy/navigational changes
  • More!

Ongoing Services (SEO Retainer)

Most of our clients choose to have a long-term partner that is always working to improve their site. With each client, we’ll determine goals and objectives and build out a strategy to help achieve those goals. Retained services tend to be a mix of content optimization, technical changes, copywriting, and more. All of our long-term SEO clients also have access to monthly reports and support from the SEO team. But there’s more!

Major Benefits

Our expertise is our biggest advantage, but there’s some cool stuff that not just any agency can offer on top of that. You’ll get:

  • Daily rank tracking (for your site and competitors)
  • The most comprehensive site auditing available (1-2x monthly crawls of your entire site)
  • Dedicated expert support – no account managers, always work with the pros
  • Access to premium tools & services – as we uncover new ways to be better at SEO, you’ll be among the first to take advantage of them

Pricing: $1500+ per month with a long-term partnership. 

Little more than you need? We work with small to mid-size businesses and have great pricing for small businesses looking to grow with SEO Watch your traffic and revenue grow with our Milwaukee-based SEO speacialists!

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