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Transistor Digital Marketing is made up of Milwaukee natives and we know first hand the opportunities this great city can present. Milwaukee may be known for the Bronze Fonz, great beer, cheese and music festivals, but what business owners and marketing professionals might not realize is that it is a hub for SEO and PPC collaboration, services and business growth. 



  • In-Person Communication – Looking for that personal touch? By being located in Milwaukee, we are able to have in person meetings with our Milwaukee clients. Know who you are working with and get some free coffee or lunch in the process. We want you to get to know us as individuals in order to build strong communication that will hopefully lead to a better working relationship. We also are always excited to see our clients businesses in action. By seeing the day to day operations, we are better able to understand the marketing needs of your business.  
  • Understanding of the Market – As a Milwaukee-based business ourselves, we understand the market trends, fluxuations and patterns that might be affecting your website better than bigger agencies that may be located elsewhere. We don’t just focus on your business goals and strategies, but we always take into consideration the current environment. 
  • Networking Opportunities – Here in Milwaukee there is a network of SEO consultants, groups, and resources for digital marketing agencies like ourselves to continue our learning, experience and growth. By collaborating with other SEO experts, we here at Transistor are able to keep up with industry trends, discussions and opinions. This valuable knowledge is reflected in our work and can bring a higher level of results to your website.




Transistor strives to organically grow your Milwaukee-based business by focusing on your entire marketing strategy, not just digital marketing. We understand that your website is just one part of it and  all marketing channels relate to one another. When they are working in harmony they are much more powerful than they are on their own. We like to be invested in all marketing efforts such as revenue goals, social media efforts and sales team collaboration. Our services are not one size fits all because everyone’s situation is not the same. We begin each relationship with an evaluation of needs, wants and goals and tailor services to each individual client’s needs.

SEO Retainers

Ongoing optimization is the heart of Milwaukee search engine optimization. We make sure that we are monitoring, analyzing and constantly reviewing your website, rankings and traffic to determine what’s working and what’s not. Research and competitive analysis guide our strategies with the addition of communication of company and business goals.

SEO Audits

We often uncover site-wide issues and larger opportunities for growth with website SEO audits. We make sure to concentrate on not only the technical aspect of your website to make sure it is technically sound, but also on-page ranking factors and opportunities based on keyword analysis, competitive research and more.

SEO Projects

Sometimes clients have one-time initiatives or goals that they are looking to accomplish. That’s where we, the Milwaukee SEO consultants come in! Whether you are launching a new website, introducing a new product, need some extra hands or are just looking for some market intel, we’ve got you covered.

Small Biz

 We understand that there are businesses of all kinds here in Milwaukee and one of our sweet spots is help for small businesses or websites. We understand what it’s like to try and gain momentum. Luckily our Milwaukee SEO services are just what you need to jumpstart your website into success.


Don’t take our word for it. We have already helped countless Milwaukee businesses grow their visibility, profits and outreach. See how an SEO partner in Milwaukee brings unique advantages to each of these business relationships.


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