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Google Grant Program PPC Management

For nonprofits awarded grants as part of Google’s nonprofit program, the money for advertising comes with setup and performance requirements that can be challenging for novices. Our overall exxperience in PPC combined with knowledge of the Google Grant program mean we’ll help achieve your mission while ensuring your funding from Google continues to be renewed.

What can you accomplish with Google Grants?


Drive people to your fundraising page to help drive donations.


Recruit volunteers, promote events, help people take action.


Get email signups or social follows. Grow your reach.

Common Questions

How much money comes with a Google Grant?

Google Grants provide $10,000/mo in advertising money for as long as your account meets eligibility requirementes.

Do I have to pay for any advertising?

Nope! If you hit the $10k monthly budget, your ads pause until the next month. You will not spend a dime on advertising. You won’t even give Google a credit card number. The only cost is management fees if you have someone (like us!) run your account for you.

What can I advertise?

The Google Grant program allows advertising related to the core mission of your organization. Targeting needs to be specific enough to reflect that criteria. So if you’re a food bank in Milwaukee, you could show ads when people search for “food bank” or “meals for needy” but not “restaurant” or simply “food.”

Where do my ads appear?

Ads appear in Google search results, below ads of paid advertisers. You can only advertise in search results – banner or video ads are not allowed.

Can You help with my application?

Yep! We can handle the entire grant application process for you.

What if my application is denied?

Most often this happens because of errors in the process. We watch for these issues and get them corrected immediately. If for some reason your organization is ineligible for a grant, we will cancel our services and not charge you a dime.

Service Tiers


Tell Me More

    Account Setup

    All accounts go through an extensive setup process. If you already have an account, we’ll treat this as an audit to make sure everything is working properly. Our setup process includes:

    • Google Tag Manager Installation & Setup
    • Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup
    • Setup Automated Reporting Dashboard w/ Client Access
    • Keyword Research
    • Campaign Build – Everything From Settings to Extensions

      Setup takes place over the first month of management. We can expedite for a one-time fee.

      Account Management

      You’ll have an onboarding specialist from our team to get to know your business, help set priorities and ensure everything is running smoothly. During the course of our partnership, you’ll be able to email our paid media team to ensure any questions are addressed as quickly as possible.

      Your account will be managed by our employees in Milwaukee, WI.

      Account Ownership

      You own all advertising accounts. We will set them up / take over management, but they are yours to keep.

      Media Costs

      There are NO media costs for Google Grant accounts.

      Advertising Channels

      Google Grants are only available on the Google Ads Search Network.

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