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Are you looking for the best PPC (pay-per-click) marketing agency to grow your business? Believe it or not, we’ve got some experts well versed in PPC right here in Milwaukee! Transistor has managed millions of dollars in ad spend for a variety of clients. Whether you've got 50 keywords and a small budget or over a million keywords in hundreds of campaigns, Transistor will help improve your accounts. Our team successfully manages paid search accounts for e-commerce, service-based companies, and local businesses. Our team will work with you to help identify goals and reach your profitability or margin targets. PPC in the digital marketing mix is about maximizing revenue for a given return first and foremost.

Our Pay-Per-Click Services

We offer the following digital advertising services

Types of Clients, Industries, Etc.

Our PPC client roster is about 60% lead-focused clients and 40% e-commerce. Almost 75% of our customers are B2B, but that's almost random chance. We work with companies in manufacturing, fashion, print, professional services, transportation, food/beverage and home/garden. Our typical client spend $7-15k/mo on advertising, but we manage accounts spending as much as $100-200k/mo.

This covers a lot of ground. Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to work with a huge variety of companies. This means we have some unique experience in industries others are unfamiliar with. But mostly means we're open to helping almost any company that seems like a good partner. Some agencies want to be experts in a narrow industry. That's cool. We just want to work with clients where we believe in their business and enjoy them on a human level.

What we do

Benefits of working with us

All of our PPC customers get access to some great tools and services. These include:

Our Cool Tools, Resources, Partnerships

How much will it cost?

For everything we do, we believe in flexible pricing. But we certainly have some standards we work with. Here's some essential details on contracts and pricing.

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