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PPC Management – Maximum Results, Minimum Noise

Make the most of your ad spend with Transistor as your PPC agency.

Navigating the world of pay-per-click ads has never been more complicated. Sure, with a little luck, PPC automation tools and scripts can get you started. But you’ll need more than that for a profitable campaign. The right PPC management company can elevate your business’s presence on the web and beyond. Transistor’s team of pay-per-click management experts has the know-how to help you meet your goals without breaking your budget. 


Pay-Per-Click Channels

Transistor’s pay-per-click magicians know how to convert clicks to customers. We’re adept with established channels and are ready to master whatever comes next.

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Why Transistor

Why choose us as your PPC agency? Our comprehensive hands-on approach and SEO expertise keep your campaigns fresh and your business ahead of the competition. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  •       No set and forget – we actively manage and improve your accounts
  •       Experience in competitive and complex industries
  •       An omni-channel view of sales
  •       PPC that plays nice with SEO

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E-Commerce vs Lead Gen Ad Management

Looking for e-commerce, lead-generation strategies or a mix of the two? We know the ins and outs of both and work with you to optimize your ad spend.

E-commerce ads can help new or established businesses just entering the online marketplace to thrive. Watch your store’s visibility instantly increase as you hit your profitability goals and grow your marginal revenue. We’ll learn your business and develop a bespoke plan to combine search, shopping and retargeting to reach customers at any stage of the buying process and turn more clicks into cash.

Lead-generation takes a nuanced approach to PPC. Transistor’s team matches ad creative to search intent so you can find your target customers and increase conversions. We gather cost per lead and sales data to analyze lead quality and ensure your campaign’s ROI meets expectations. And we use the experience we’ve honed in B2B markets in a range of industries to drive success.

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Hi, Kate! Welcome to the Paid Media Team.

Kate Williams joins Transistor Digital.

Radius Targeting: What It Is & How It Works

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you have probably experienced the art of radius targeting. How many times have you noticed certain ads on your phone when you enter a certain location? Or realized that you never really have to search for businesses “near me” because...

Bulk Radius Targeting in Google Ads

What happens if you’ve got a large number of locations you’d like to radius target? Say, every university campus in the US. Or the 250 largest companies. It’s not intuitive, but it can be done!

#FreeAdvice: How to Lower Your CPA

There are three ways to make a major impact on your CPA for the better that are entirely within your control.

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