Case Study

B2B Electrical Distributor



Industry: Electrical distributor
Company Size: $500m+ annual revenue
Date: 2021-Present
Client is a decades old wire, cable & wire management distributor with an emphasis on being an industry leader in education. Their website is a major growth opportunity for lead generation and e-commerce sales.


Client is building on a multi-year omnichannel marketing strategy that involves growing their overall visibility online, but also use their site as a way to grow their customer base.

Evolving Strategy for Evolving Needs

We initially worked with the client to help manage a platform migration that involved updates to how and which content they displayed online. In addition to out standard ongoing SEO services, we’ve offered guidance on a number of complex changes to the site based on updates to catalog structure, merchandising strategy, platform enhancements and more.

Some of the ongoing challenges we’ve been eager to assist with have included changes to virtually every URL on the website, reorganization and elimination of large sections of the product catalog as well as helping evaluate other web platforms for future migrations. Throughout, our goal has been to help align operational needs with long-term marketing goals – so we always focus on how these necessary changes will impact SEO.

Prioritizing Opportunities

The most searched terms related to the clients’ products are almost exclusively B2C searches. But our client does not want to sell 2 or 3 feet of cable, they want to sell 2 or 3 thousand feet. Ideally much more. So our optimization process has focused on diving deep into the technical landscape of the industry to identify the ways in which purchasing agents or engineers are searching as opposed to a hobbyist or contractor. This means our focus for product pages is on lead/revenue generation, not traffic.


Thought Leadership

The client has a company goal of being seen as a resource for education in their industry. Their library of technical documents and reference guides was very limited and mostly filled with dictionary-style definitions. We used our extensive research and content brief process, partnered with skilled writers, to overhaul this area of their website. Articles diving into complex topics like technical specs of different shielding have turned into the top traffic-driving pages for the site.


The Results


Increase in Organic Search Goal Completions


Increase in Organic Traffic


INCREASE IN ORGANIC Search Goal Completions

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