Case Study

Consumer-Permissioned Data Solutions



Industry: B2B Technology 
Company Size: $18m+ annual revenue
Date: 2022-Present
Client’s provides a technology platform that enables a broad range of businesses to access and deliver consumer-credentialed source data with the full permission of the consumer. 


The client faced significant challenges in establishing visibility and driving traffic. Despite the value of their consumer-permissioned data solutions, they encountered obstacles many B2B SaaS companies are confronted with: low search volume and the need for education. Operating in a developing market, the client had to educate potential customers about the benefits and applications of their verification services, all while contending with limited data on search volume within the space.

SEO for ecommerce clothing brands

Comprehensive Keyword Targeting

Our SEO strategy focused on identifying the right market segments and differentiating between B2B and B2C search terms to target the appropriate audience. To stay ahead of trends and understand competitors’ strategies, we completed in-depth keyword research to develop innovative content that captured potential search demand.

We conducted thorough market research to understand the needs of businesses and institutions seeking data verification services, incorporating educational terms for early-stage interest and software-specific terms for intent-driven searches.

Lead Focused

Our strategy prioritized lead generation, including providing regular updates and reports, optimizing landing pages and forms, and continually analyzing user behavior to refine content and conversion strategies.

The Results


Increase in Organic Sessions


Increase In Keyword Visibility


Increase in Form Submissions

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