Case Study

Craft Brewer and Retailer 



Industry: Food and Beverage 
Company Size: $320m+ annual revenue
Date: 2020-Present
Client is a renowned craft brewery celebrated for its innovative and flavorful beers. They offer an assortment of flagship beers, have a non-alcoholic line as well as seasonal favorites.


Our client, one of the largest national craft brewers in the US, faces significant challenges in growing their online market share due to the highly competitive nature of the industry. Despite their substantial presence and loyal customer base nationwide, their online visibility does not reflect their market stature, leading to missed opportunities for broader market penetration and stagnant online sales. They approach us to help overcome these obstacles and enhance their digital footprint.

We implement a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to their prominent brand and extensive audience. By optimizing their website for relevant high-traffic keywords, enhancing their content with engaging blog posts about craft beer culture, and improving their local and national search rankings through targeted strategies, we significantly boost their online visibility. Our efforts result in a notable increase in organic traffic, higher engagement rates, and substantial growth in their online market share. This transformation not only strengthens their digital presence but also positions them for sustained success in the competitive online marketplace.

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Aligning with the Brand 

A crucial part of our core strategy involved close collaboration with our client’s internal marketing team to ensure our SEO efforts were perfectly aligned with their new releases, tone of voice, and other core brand components. This collaboration was vital in making sure we were executing the right actions to drive sales effectively.

We worked together to develop a detailed content calendar that synchronized SEO activities with the brewer’s product launches and seasonal promotions. By understanding the unique aspects of their brand voice and messaging, we crafted SEO-friendly content that resonated with their audience and maintained brand consistency. This included optimizing product descriptions, blog posts, and social media content to reflect their distinctive tone and appeal.

Additionally, we conducted regular strategy sessions with their marketing team to review performance data, discuss upcoming initiatives, and adjust our SEO tactics accordingly. This ongoing partnership allowed us to stay agile and responsive to market trends, ensuring that our efforts were always in sync with their overall marketing strategy. As a result, we not only improved their search engine rankings but also contributed directly to their sales growth and brand loyalty.


Honing in on the Key Market 

Another key element of our strategy was positioning our client as an authority in the craft beer industry. We crafted content specifically for “hop heads” and dedicated beer enthusiasts, ensuring it was both engaging and informative. Our team developed in-depth articles, blog posts, and guides covering various topics relevant to beer aficionados, such as hop varieties, brewing techniques, and the science behind fermentation.

By creating detailed and expert-level content, we attracted a highly engaged audience of beer nerds who appreciated the insider knowledge and depth of information. This strategy not only increased the time visitors spent on the client’s website but also established the brand as a trusted resource in the craft beer community, fostering a loyal following and enhancing their credibility.


The Results


Increase in Organic Visibility


Increase In Organic Impressions


Increase in Ranking Keywords

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