Case Study

Hardware & Home Improvement



Industry: eCommerce Hardware Retailer 
Company Size: $5b+ annual revenue
Date: 2022-Present
Client sells hardware and home improvement products that support everything from small residential renovations to large commercial projects.


In the competitive home improvement market, where every screw, hammer, and power tool competes for online visibility, our client encountered a major challenge: a fragmented digital presence. As a hardware store co-op, each member store maintained an individual website. This led to inconsistent branding, varied customer experiences, and inefficient marketing. Consequently, the lack of consolidation resulted in scattered traffic, reduced visibility, and difficulty establishing a strong, unified online identity.


Further Complications

The decision to launch a new site on a different platform aimed to address these challenges with online visibility and sales. However, this initiative brought unforeseen development issues, including technical bugs and delays, along with the need for extensive restructuring that disrupted existing traffic and rankings.

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Site Migration

Throughout the site migration, extensive support was offered to the client, including a strategy to consolidate the member sites. We began by analyzing their website’s architecture as well as evaluating organic traffic and revenue to understand potential risks. During the website’s development, we collaborated closely to handle redirects, manage canonical URLs, and address technical SEO requirements. At launch, we conducted thorough testing, submitted sitemaps, and monitored performance to ensure maximum visibility and performance.


SEO Strategy

In addition to supporting the site migration, we worked to drive organic traffic and revenue through engaging content and product optimizations. From delivering expert advice to seasoned DIY enthusiasts to guiding novices through home repairs, our content effectively drove traffic to the site while highlighting the client’s key products.

Additionally, we optimized department and product pages to align with the client’s revenue goals. Taking a comprehensive approach to categories like outdoor living and lawn and garden, we ensured connectivity between pages, making them easily discoverable by both users and search engines. With our client’s optimized online presence, customers can effortlessly find what they need, whether they’re revamping their outdoor space or tackling indoor DIY projects.


The Results


Increase in Organic Sessions


Increase In Keywords Ranking Top 3


Increase in Organic Revenue

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