Case Study

Healthcare Content Provider



Industry: Healthcare, Education 
Company Size: $8m+ annual revenue
Date: 2018-Present
Client is a leader in client education. They provide products and solutions through print, software and digital offerings that help educate and engage patients while contributing to the overall healthcare experience.


The client has been faced with multiple branding changes and site migrations throughout our time working together.  We supported the creation of two websites as well as supported numerous product additions and subtractions. Our goal has been to support the evolving business with up-to-date search data, optimizations and technical support.

Complicated site migration

The site migration was messy because services were being split into multiple sites. We had to be diligent about retaining the right traffic and sending other traffic to another site. 

Our first task was to tackle the technical aspect of the site migration with redirect mapping. We made sure that pages and services that were removed or consolidated were redirected properly and the content on the remaining site was still relevant and fully optimized. This included core service pages as well as blog content.

We had to make sure that the core service pages that were remaining on the site did not lose traffic even with less people coming to the site due to the elimination of certain services. In order to do this, we conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to gain keyword targets and insight as to what content should be included for the remaining topics.

The last step in this process was to optimize the launch of the new site. We contributed basic metadata optimizations, content ideas and industry research for the transferring services.


Content Creation  

We tried to counter the elimination of the pages and services by creating new blog content around expanded topics that involved current services. This content was then linked throughout the site in order to introduce people to static content.

Our blog research revolves around current trends, topics, competitive review as well as deep keyword analysis that involves search volume and the level of competition.


Site Relationships

Because all of these sites are all under the same company, they still are related and complement each other’s services. Because of this, it was very important to have a proper linking strategy that created solid referral traffic between the sites. 

In order to do this we not only conducted an internal linking project, but we optimized content to cross between each topic in order to create even more linking opportunities.


The Results


Increase in First Page Ranking Keywords


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