Case Study

Online Jewelry Retailer



Industry: B2C Jewelry Retailer
Company Size: $2m+ annual revenue
Date: 2020-Present
Client sells their own line of jewelry, primarily engagement and wedding rings. All sales are via their e-commerce website.


The jewelry market is saturated with a variety of national, regional and local retailers as well as a growing number of exclusively online stores. Consumers aren’t universally comfortable with buying engagement rings online, making the potential audience smaller. 

Further Complications

This company sells an eco-friendly / conflict-free alternative to the traditional mine diamond. This is a growing market, but still a small fraction of consumers are willing to consider a non-traditional center stone.

Engagement Ring Shopping is Complicated

Engagement rings are not exactly impulse buys. A store/website will get several visits over potentially weeks or months before a purchase happens. To further confuse things, in many couples, one partner picks out the ring they want (or at least gives some very specific hints) while the other makes the purchase and then pops the question. This means the people we advertise to are often not the ones doing the buying.

Our solution has been to look at earlier signals in the buying process to help indicate interest, like adding to cart or using sharing tools. We’ve also relied heavily on things like assisted conversions to track orders that came in via other channels but involved a paid search click.

Delivering Results

Through search, shopping and display ads – we’ve helped expand reach and revenue for this client. Monthly revenue has consistently been at 2-3x the average from before we began our engagement.

E-commerce conversion rate has stayed steady throughout, meaning our advertising efforts have helped drive more of the right visitors to the site.

The Results


Increase in Revenue


Increase In Conv Rate


Increase in Traffic

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