Case Study

Pest Traps



Industry: eCommerce
Company Size: $3m+ annual revenue
Date: 2016-Present
Client manufactures and sells pest traps online and through major retailers. 


This client started working with the Transistor team in their first year in business. This created a unique challenge of creating visibility for a product and site that had no historical trust signals from Google. Not only was the site new, but the market was new as well. We had to educate consumers that this product was a option to solve issues with a particular type of pest. 



SEO Traffic Increase - Ecommerce

Forced Off Amazon 

Early on, this client relied heavily on Amazon to sell products. We provided SEO support while they were selling on Amazon and were able to build the site’s search visibility substantially; however, most sales still came from Amazon. Suddenly, Amazon delisted all of our client’s products due to a legal dispute with a competitor. This was terrifying for the client, they were concerned that they would lose all of those sales. Organic search and paid search became a necessity rather than a “nice to have”.   


Educating the Consumer

The SEO strategy for this client has been hyper-focused on education. We helped the client build a library of content on pests and pest control. This content is focused on answering questions for people that don’t know what they need or are looking for, we are then able to provide them with accurate answers to their questions and provide them an easy solution (our client’s products).

For paid search, we have used a seasonal budgeting approach to push sales in peak season and pull back the rest of the year.  

The pairing of SEO and PPC has allowed this ecommerce site to generate more than $1,00,000 annually from search. 


Outselling Amazon

With a combined SEO and PPC strategy we were able to gain more search visibility for the site over Amazon. Within a year of the Amazon loss, the client was making more money from search than they ever did from Amazon sales. 


The Results


Annual Increase in Traffic


Annual Increase Search Revenue


Increase in market Visibility

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