Case Study

eCommerce Clothing Retailer 



Industry: eCommerce Clothing  
Company Size: $50m+ annual revenue
Date: 2023-Present
Client provides trend-setting clothes in both brick-and-mortar stores as well as through an ecommerce experience.


In the heart of the Southern fashion landscape, the client sought to resonate with its coveted audience – the vibrant 18-21-year-old women, predominantly high school upperclassmen and college students. Although leaders in the brick-and-mortar retail space, the client wanted to expand into the retail space. They brought in our team of SEO experts to help catapult them into the digital space.

SEO for ecommerce clothing brands

Understanding the Demographic

•We knew that the client’s demographic breathed social media, so we chose to ride the waves of ’boutique’ and ‘trendy’ terms, luring them into the captivating world of American Threads. But our journey went deeper; we knew that to succeed, we needed to use our search data and TikTok and Instagram to get in front of trends and place our client in prime position to capture those sales. Our findings were woven into a strategy that breathes not just clothing but a lifestyle.

We harnessed the client’s website to become the market’s style confidantes, guiding them through the ever-changing tides of fashion with outfit ideas that mirrored the the trendiest TikTok influencers.


Breaking Away From Brick and Mortar

Our team worked hand-in-hand with the client’s marketing team to rewrite their digital narrative and place their products in the hands of their trendy customer base. Campaign by campaign we meticulously optimized the main collection pages and product pages by infusing them with helpful content, trend ideas and SEO basic practices. But we didn’t stop there. We spun a web of creativity, suggesting supplementary content in the form of engaging blogs and crafting an intricate network of internal links to enhance the user experience.

The result? We didn’t just elevate the client to a competitive position; we orchestrated a symphony of success that left competitors in awe. The client now stands strongly on the first page for all targeted terms, more than doubling organic sales year over year.


The Results


Increase in Organic Visibility


Increase In Organic Sales


Increase in Site Traffic

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