Case Study

Sustainable Energy as a Service



Industry: B2B Service  
Company Size: $2m+ annual revenue
Date: 2023-Present
Client provides sustainable energy as a service that integrates environmental, economic and operational savings to large institutions.


This client sought our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the dual objective of fortifying their digital footprint and gaining  insights into new (to them) world of digital marketing. The client needed a strategic partner that would help them build a deeper understanding of their target market both online and offline. As a that partner, we assumed the responsibility of guiding their search strategy and targeting endeavors, aiming to target the discerning B2B audience essential for the growing their energy solutions.

Sustainable Energy SEO

New Market

The client is disrupting the energy solution space with innovative financing solutions for large institutions such as higher education. The problem was that people are not looking for this solution today. We worked very closely with the client to get a detailed understanding of their solutions, who they are targeting and what problems their solution solves for those ideal clients. Taking this extra time to get a full picture of their business allowed our team to understand how the customer is searching for similar solutions now and how we could position our client as a better alternative in that space.


Strategic Targeting & Evolution

Early on in our engagement we honed in on about 5 keywords such as “sustainable energy as a service” that were critical to the business that would be a consistent focus throughout any campaign. We used topic clustering and keyword mapping to build on these 5 core keywords to help the client develop more long form content that was highly relevant to their target topics and ideal customer.

When we began this process the client didn’t rank for any of the key topics that we were targeting. Less than one year into our engagement, we now rank page one for 4 out of the 5 terms with “sustainable energy as a service” ranking #2.


The Results


Increase in Organic Visibility


Increase In Leads


Increase in Site Traffic

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