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Our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simple – make more money for our clients by improving their digital presence. The goal of digital marketing is never to get worthless visits to a site, rather to connect buyers with the products or services they wish to buy. There is no uniform best practice or go-to plan for every client; search engine optimization is always changing and always evolving. We build strategic SEO plans that include site optimization to help our clients achieve their goals. At Transistor, we strive to be more than just search engine pros. We want to be a strategic partner that understands your business’s needs and goals and molds an internet marketing-focused SEO strategy to help achieve those goals. Strategic search optimization can include resource building, keyword retargeting, technical audits, content creation and more.

the value of organic search services

As an organic search marketing agency, of course we see the value in SEO. But can you? SEO services build a solid foundation for the growth of your business rather than creating a quick fix or temporary success. Online search is not going away and is evolving more than ever. It is important to keep up with the changes and continue to create a successful digital presence.


    The following pages detail some of our most common SEO and internet marketing services but we always encourage interested clients to give us a call so we can learn more about what you need from an SEO partner. Every client is unique and has a different reason for needing SEO services. Every strategy is equally as unique, so give us a ring or shoot us an email to talk more about how our expert SEO team could help elevate your business.

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      We review the competitive landscape and see how your site stacks up. This is where we uncover content optimization opportunities and understand why search engines are ranking one competitor over another. A search marketing strategy is key to setting up your business for success. Having a clear understanding of your website will allow us to give custom, expert advice on how you can produce the greatest ROI and user experience.


      We explore existing rankings and targeting for your domain to determine our targeting options for on-page optimization. We will also determine if existing content is suitable for consumer search intent. We explore industry trends and what your market is looking for. We give suggestions and optimizations for your website based on these keywords and then continue to monitor the growth.


      This includes title tags, meta descriptions and any other necessary major optimizations. This is a very important step in the process because it builds a framework for other advanced SEO optimizations. We are constantly tracking these recommendations and changing them based on success, the current SEO landscape and user experience.


      We will recommend changes/additions to content that will be created. When necessary, we’ll provide suggestions for content and work with your internal copywriters to complete. A proper content strategy is a huge part of SEO because it builds authority, trustworthiness and can take your brand to the next level.


      Link building includes developing internal links and finding opportunities for external sites to link to your content. This is another factor used to determine reliable content on the web and a solid brand reputation. We make sure that internal links create a better user experience and encourage visitors to explore deeper into your site.


      We’re available to implement changes with access or direct your team. We understand your needs and develop a plan that is the most effective for both parties. We are here to support you as much or as little as your business needs. We are familiar with many different web development tools and platforms but also are quick learners. We look forward to our clients seeing results so this step is critical.

      BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH search engine pros



      • Large Sites: 100k+ SKUs, Millions of pages
      • Industries: Retail, Food, Manufacturing, Travel and More
      • Audiences: B2B & B2C
      • Platforms: Magento, Mozu, Insite, Shopify, More


      • Detailed reporting dashboard – We make sure to evaluate conversions, sales and ROI and modify our marketing strategy accordingly.
      • Regular meetings & updates – Nothing is more important than communication. We are flexible with frequency and type of meeting.
      • Dedicated expert support – We understand that issues may arise, we are ready to deliver solutions with top notch customer service.
      • Flexible workflow – We develop a custom workflow depending on a clients budget, goals, and timeline.


      • Largest keyword research database available – With an abundance of data at our fingertips, we are better able to create a strategy that will increase visitors or revenue.
      • Tools for finding links & content opportunities – We have many programs that have the technology to discover content strategies and link building growth
      • Experience in complex & highly regulated industries – We quickly learn about your business and market and develop strategies to become an industry leader.


      • Extensive technical reviews – Many forget about the technical side of things because they can go unseen, but they are important and we make sure there is a solid SEO foundation.
      • Daily rank tracking – We make sure to monitor the volatility of search engines and make adjustments depending on ranks and trends.
      • Ongoing education and planning to avert Google penalties – It is important to keep up-to-date in the digital marketing world and being constantly aware and updated of changes, policy updates and more.


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