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Our approach to SEO retainers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving and you don’t want your site to get left behind. Transistor’s monthly SEO services provide you with expert support to keep your brand moving forward and your revenue growing. Our SEO service packages are customized for every client but always include expert support, technical analysis, keyword research, site optimizations, rank tracking, reporting and more. Reach out to our SEO team to learn more about our monthly SEO services and how we can deliver lasting results for your company today!

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The SEO experts at Transistor live for results. You want to be known for a specific term? You want to reach a certain number of sessions in a month? You want to increase non-brand impressions by 100%? We got you. In all of our monthly SEO packages we have long-term, growth-focused projects at the forefront. We aren’t just going to look at where you are but where you want to go.

Because our team is made up of SEO experts (that ONLY do SEO), we can make strategic plans to achieve your goals. Most of the time these projects include large initiatives like page creation, navigation restructuring, category creation and more. SEO can get stagnant if you’re not always looking for the next big opportunity. That’s where we come in. We have big ideas and we like to see them make big impacts on traffic and revenue.

SEO Takes Commitment

SEO isn’t a one-time initiative. Even if you optimize every page on your site and do a great job of it, your job is far from over. Your competitors are going to respond. New competitors will appear. Google is going to evolve.

Our monthly SEO maintenance keeps a finger on the pulse of your site and the industry. We provide constant monitoring and optimizations to ensure your site doesn’t fall behind. Our promise is that we don’t just watch performance but provide actionable recommendations to move the needle. These recommendations are data-first and transparent. You’ll always have access to our research, data and recommendations. No smoke and mirrors here.

Our SEO Maintenance tasks include:

  •  Rank tracking
  • Competitor tracking
  • Technical Audit
  • Optimizations to AT LEAST one page on the site (we want your site to stay fresh and updated)
  • Review of past projects to determine success and next steps

SEO Retainers

Ongoing optimization

SEO Audits

Uncover site-wide issues

SEO Projects

One-time initiatives

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Why Work with Us for Your SEO Retainer?


  • Large Sites: 100k+ SKUs, Millions of pages
  • Industries: Retail, Food, Manufacturing, Travel and More
  • Audiences: B2B & B2C
  • Platforms: Magento, Mozu, Insite, Shopify,  WordPress, More


  • Detailed reporting dashboard – We make sure to evaluate conversions, sales and ROI and modify our marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Regular meetings & updates – Nothing is more important than communication. We are flexible with frequency and type of meeting.
  • Dedicated expert support – We understand that issues may arise, we are ready to deliver solutions with top notch customer service.
  • Flexible workflow – We develop a custom workflow depending on a clients budget, goals, and timeline.


  • Largest keyword research database available – With an abundance of data at our fingertips, we are better able to create a strategy that will increase visitors or revenue.
  • Tools for finding links & content opportunities – We have many programs that have the technology to discover content strategies and link building growth
  • Experience in complex & highly regulated industries – We quickly learn about your business and market and develop strategies to become an industry leader.


  • Extensive technical reviews – Many forget about the technical side of things because they can go unseen, but they are important and we make sure there is a solid SEO foundation.
  • Daily rank tracking – We make sure to monitor the volatility of search engines and make adjustments depending on ranks and trends.
  • Ongoing education and planning to avert Google penalties – It is important to keep up-to-date in the digital marketing world and being constantly aware and updated of changes, policy updates and more.

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