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SEO Audits

SEO Audits

A comprehensive view of your website to identify problems the search engine bots are encountering.


Everyone can benefit from an SEO audit. Virtually all of our retainers begin with one as a way of prioritizing work and avoiding problems down the road. Completion and review of a SEO audit is a great way to decide if you need help on an ongoing basis or just some short-term advisory work.


The goal of an audit is to find issues impacting your entire site or large portions of it. These are the types of issues that will reduce or even prevent the benefit of ongoing optimization work. We not only uncover the problems, but also provide instructions or guidance on how to solve them.


Our search audits are a deep dive into many aspects of a site. We can focus on one aspect in particular, a combination of them, or all aspects listed below for a comprehensive report. Every audit includes detailed explanations of the issues found and actionable solutions. 

SEO Technical Audit – We take a look at the structure of the site and any errors that could be hindering search performance.

On-Page Audit –  We review content and external problems that exist on a site. User experience, internal linking and keyword review is a huge focus.

Unlike some people in the field, we won’t send you an automated report spit out by a third party tool or copy/pastes of Google Search Console warnings. We aren’t a digital agency that’s going to dump a ton of SEO jargon on your lap either, we strive to make everything understandable.

Most audits are $500-1,500. Price can go higher based on complexity of the site.


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