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SEO REtainers

SEO Retainers

Add experienced SEO consultants to your digital marketing team without the hassle or expense of hiring.

Who it's For

Most of our SEO retainers are with companies that are large enough to have a digital marketing team, but not at a point where hiring an experienced SEO full-time makes sense. Or maybe their budget only would cover an entry-level person when expertise is needed.

We also work with a number of smaller businesses where their digital budget is limited and they want to put a large share of their efforts into search. We can offer scalable solutions to help get you on the map in Google and transform your online presence.

What we do

SEO retainers are really customized to the client. But the overall goal is fitting as seamlessly as possible in your marketing team while working to connect with development and other stakeholders to help make your company an industry leader in SEO. We balance out handling all the SEO maintenance while always focusing on growth initiatives.

How we do it

The most important thing to know about our SEO retainers is that you’ll always work directly with the expert. This makes the entire process more efficient, allowing us to accomplish more.

Our process includes topic research, competitive evaluation, creating an action plan and setting goals. From there we work developing and delivering work. And we show our work along the way so there’s no confusion about what’s being done.

SEO retainers with Transistor can be differentiated based on the features included and time commitment.

Standard Benefits

  • Detailed monthly reporting w/ full-time dashboard access
  • Monthly review & additional meetings as needed
  • Keyword rank tracking updated daily for your site & competitors
  • Comprehensive site auditing on a monthly basis (with additional crawls on-demand)
  • The largest SEO research databases available for keywords, rankings, links
  • Dedicated expert support – no account managers, you always work with the pros

Starting at $800/mo

Premium Benefits

  • All of our standard benefits
  • An expanded team with additional senior and junior members as needed to get the job done
  • Bi-weekly or weekly status meetings
  • Custom reporting dashboard built around your business objectives
  • The most comprehensive site auditing available (twice monthly crawls of your entire site)
  • Access to premium tools & services – as we uncover new ways to be better at SEO, you’ll be among the first to take advantage of them

Starting at $2,000/mo

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