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Add experienced SEO consultants to your digital marketing team without the hassle or expense of hiring.


SEO is rarely a one-time initiative. Even if you optimize every page on your site and do a great job of it, your job is far from over. Your competitors are going to respond. New competitors will appear. Google is going to evolve. And this all assumes nothing is changing with your business. There’s bound to be product or service updates, technology changes, evolutions of your business plan. This is an incredibly common scenario and a reason most businesses find themselves needing to focus on search engine optimization as part of their overall marketing strategy.

What makes us special


Yes, we’re great at search, but we also know marketing, IT and business more broadly. We’re going to tailor our strategy to fit not just your industry, but the way your company operates.


We have years and years of experience in SEO and PPC. We understand how search works and how to make it work for you.


Not only do we have the tools and talent to get more done in less time, but we don’t stop with that. With Transistor, you work directly with the experts, saving time with confusing back and forth communication.


Our goal is to help your business grow and as it does, you’ll keep working with us. No gimmicks with pricing, no locking you into proprietary services. Just results.


SEO retainers are really customized to the client. But the overall goal is fitting as seamlessly as possible in your marketing team while working to connect with development and other stakeholders to help make your company an industry leader in SEO. We balance out handling all the SEO maintenance while always focusing on growth initiatives.

    What’s Included?

    These are the cool things any SEO retainer with Transistor will get you. Some, like reports, are really basic. While others are fairly unique to working with us.

    Technical Monitoring

    We crawl your entire site monthly to find and correct technical issues impacting SEO

    Daily Rank Tracking

    Up to 500 keywords for you and your competitors (more available)

    Meta Data & Copy

    We provide suggestions, outlines and will even write copy for you

    Competitor Analysis

    Dive into what others in your industry are doing to be competitive in search


    We will implement all changes within your CMS


    Internal Links & Schema

    We use AI to boost rank to your pages and add structured data – up to 30 pages

    General Research

    Planning a new product launch? Looking to enter a new market? We can help provide the data


    Our standard reporting dashboard, updated in real time, always available

    Monthly Meetings

    We’ll walk through what we’re seeing, doing, planning and help strategize with you

    Expert Support

    You’ll always work with an experienced SEO Professional


    The most important thing to know about our SEO retainers is that you’ll always work directly with the expert. This makes the entire process more efficient, allowing us to accomplish more.

    Our process includes topic research, competitive evaluation, creating an action plan and setting goals. From there we work developing and delivering work. And we show our work along the way so there’s no confusion about what’s being done.

    SEO retainers with Transistor can be differentiated based on the features included and time commitment. Below are just a few options that we offer. Remember, we can always tailor a solution to your needs.

    Monthly – Monthly SEO maintenance is recommended by Transistor because of the volatility of the search marketing landscape. Having monthly check-ups and consistent content creation and website optimizations will produce maximized results. Having a digital marketing monthly retainer may be that boost that your marketing efforts need. 

    Quarterly – There are things we can do on a quarterly basis such as technical reviews, content idea creation, and larger project issues that can make an impact in the long term.

    Yearly – Although we would suggest giving your SEO some more lovin, yearly reviews, and competitive analysis can be scheduled on a yearly basis. 

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