Lindsie Nelson

Vice President - Head of SEO

What I Do for Transistor

What don’t I do?! I guess I don’t buy as much orange furniture as Jay but I still play an important part here at Transistor. My role entails:

  • Building client relationships
  • Developing SEO strategy
  • Leading our team of great SEOs/SEMs
  • Watching out client’s grow


My marketing career began in 2011 and my specialization in search engine optimization in 2014. I was able to work in corporate marketing, public relations and lead generation prior to diving deep into the world of SEO. Since starting in search, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients from large e-commerce sites with 100k+ SKUs to small non-profit sites. With each client I strive to build a unique approach to their search strategy – I do NOT believe in a checklist approach. Each client has a unique market, product offering, competitive advantage and business focus, so I develop my SEO strategies to mirror those factors.

My experience in client management, public relations and corporate strategy; bundled with SEO expertise, allows me to connect with my clients and understand their needs and how organic search can help achieve their goals.

Other Stuff About Me

What is your favorite thing about search marketing?

The fact that search a little science and a little art. Every client and every situation requires a unique mix of the two and there is never a perfect answer.

What lead you to a job in search marketing?

Like most people, I landed in search. I wanted a new challenge and was willing to take on something totally different than anything I had done before.

What’s the weirdest keyword/topic you’ve found in research? 

I’ve learned that dogs are the most ridiculous creatures. They eat the wildest things and they have so many poop issues. There are 400 people a month search for “purple dog poop” – what?! (side note: I have a dog and love her dearly but ewwww)