Lindsie Nelson

Vice President

What is your official title at Transistor?

Vice President, Co Founder 

What should your title be?

Conversation Architect

What is your favorite part of your job at Transistor?

I absolutely love collaborating to discover solutions. I get to have conversations with so many interesting and diverse marketers and business owners all the time, and I’m always hearing something new. Not only do I hear about the struggles and dreams of a business but I get to provide potential solutions to help them grow.

What are your favorite clients to work with at Transistor?

Clients that are starting from scratch or at a major turning point in their business. We get to imagine, plan and build. I love to see the incredible growth that these clients experience over time.

What project are you most proud of to date and why?

In my first few years as a search strategist I worked with a client that sold pest traps. It wasn’t a sexy product per se but they were a new business that was looking to take over a niche space. I worked with the client to launch their first site and they quickly became the leader in their market. The client was open to exploration and experimentation and that really allowed us to test, try and evolve.

What is your work superpower?

I am incredibly perceptive. Whether at work or in other circumstances, I am very good at understanding how others are feeling in a situation. This comes in handy when I am working with different businesses because I can adjust based on engagement, energy and understanding, allowing me to build trust and connections.

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I wanted to be a lawyer so I could engage in “lively” arguments while wearing a mean suit – big fan of Legally Blonde! I mean, who wouldn’t want to mix fierce debates with some fancy fashion flair?

What is your life’s motto?

“You can do hard things.”

What fills your cup in life?

Two things. First is my family, I love everything from the small moments to the big events. Second, reading a good book. Getting lost in a story with a glass of wine is the best.