Luke Wagner

SEO Analyst

What is your official title at Transistor?

SEO Analyst

What should your title be?

SEO Wizard

What is your favorite part of your job at Transistor?

My favorite part about working at Transistor is being a part of a team that helps other businesses grow and meet their goals. It is rewarding to be able to help other people grow while also doing the work you love. Our collaboration and communication as a team allows us to drive amazing results for clients. Our team is amazing and is always able to leave a positive impact on team members and clients.

What are your favorite clients to work with at Transistor?

During my time at Transistor, I’ve worked mostly with e-commerce clients, and I love it. There’s no better feeling than helping an online store drive traffic to their website and meet their revenue goals.

What project are you most proud of to date and why?

When I first started working at Transistor as an intern, I had the opportunity to work on a client that sells commercial cooking equipment. They were working on relaunching their website, and I was tasked with helping optimize most of these pages. This project in its entirety was huge and it really helped me learn a lot about SEO that I was unaware of.

What is your work superpower?

Reading people. I’m naturally very good at understanding what someone is thinking or how they’re feeling about something without them telling me. It helps me tailor my approach and communication style toward everyone differently, helping me build better relationships.

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I wanted to be an athlete. I played baseball, basketball, and football growing up and I loved sports in general. I always had dreams of going to the big leagues.

What is your life’s motto?

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” – Vince Lombardi

What fills your cup in life?

Family and friends are everything to me. Being around them makes life so much more enjoyable. I also love lifting weights. It helps me maintain good physical and mental health