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Matthew Buehler

SEM Analyst

Matthew Buehler

SEM Analyst

Joined Transistor: 2019

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewgbuehler/

What I Do for Transistor

I am a Search Engine Marketing Analyst (SEM Analyst) and have been with the company since 2019. Although my internship started off with my job being 50/50 for SEO/PPC, that line has strongly shifted towards the Search Engine Optimization side since my starting date. Thankfully with a team of excellent copy writers, I lucked out and get to spend my time deep diving into all things DATA instead of writing.


I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Marketing degree and a Digital Marketing emphasis in 2019. My professional career, although short in comparison to most, has already seen a plethora of fun & exciting experiences. From Inside Sales, Standard Marketing, Data Analysis & starting Transistor as an SEM Intern, I have gotten a good view of the corporate world.

Going from an eager recent college graduate to a now semi-seasoned Search Engine Optimization Analyst, I now know more about Google, the weird things human beings search regularly & how to effectively plan & run SEO campaigns than I could imagine years ago. I not only have gotten experience learning all things SEO, but I get to play on both sides of the fence by learning how to manage PPC accounts & campaigns. No matter how one of my clients wants to get people to their website, I will be there alongside them with coffee in hand & EDM blaring in my headphones the entire way.

Other Stuff About Me


What is your favorite thing about search marketing?

My favorite thing about working in Search is the direct impact we get to have on our clients. When the work we do has data & proof that we are making our clients more money, it feels a lot better than other positions I’ve had where I have no idea whether or not my work is important. Besides providing a beneficial service, I love the competitiveness that comes along with Search. Yes, we love to help our clients in many shapes and forms, but being able to say that my work helped my client overtake their number #1 competitor fuels my constant need for competition.

What lead you to a job in search marketing?

The first thing that leads me to end up in Search Marketing is actually not understanding what it fully was and seeing a job post that mentioned extensive review and use of data to make driven decisions. I have always loved math and data so matching those interests with a digital marketing degree seemed perfect. Also, I think I was meant to end up in a field like this based on my nerdy hobby back in middle school. I used to make Call of Duty YouTube videos (I actually made some money off of those) so I have fully emerged into the idea of battling search algorithms since the age of 12. Both of these ultimately lead me to my career in Search.

What’s your all-time favorite concert (who did you see and where)?

My all-time favorite concert was seeing DeadMau5 perform a few blocks away from our current office. He was one of the main influences that got me into EDM music and listening to his music for 10+ years to finally see him live was a euphoric and nostalgic experience. I have also seen A Day to Remember live 3 times and they have to earn honorable mention when mentioning amazing live shows.

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