Racheal Young

Senior Paid Media Specialist

What I Do for Transistor

I’m a Senior Paid Media Specialist, which is the fancy way of saying I manage ads on the PPC team. 


I have almost five years of experience in PPC working with both nonprofits and for-profit entities in the B2C and D2C space.

Other Stuff About Me

What is your favorite thing about search marketing?

I enjoy its complexity. Search engines are designed to provide users with the highest quality result for their search query, and how they go about that is a very intricate process. That makes managing paid search campaigns an equally intricate and complex process, and I enjoy the challenge associated with thinking like an algorithm.


What lead you to a job in search marketing?

Volunteer work! After college, I became very active in a local service club and sat on several nonprofit boards. I was always given the communications/marketing role, which led me to being the PR coordinator for a two-state region…which ultimately led me, via a long and winding path, to Google Ads.


What’s your favorite silly internet war? (e.g. is a hot dog a sandwich)

The argument that you should make your bed every morning. I would argue that the ROI on taking the time to do so makes it a really poor investment of time.